Travel Notes

Here and Now: New Year, New Home, New Continent!

I’m writing this post from my cozy apartment, curled up on the bright yellow futon that took us weeks to pick out. My mug of fresh coffee sits cooling on the floor next to me, and a fresh summer breeze drifts in from the…

February 2, 2017
Destinations Malaysia

A Guide to Penang’s Best Street Art (And Where to Find It!)

Of all the popular destinations on the various backpacking routes that loop through Southeast Asia, Penang retains a distinctive vibe. Unlike its neighboring islands, Penang isn’t known for paradisal beaches and spectacular landscapes. Its main appeal lies instead in the singular atmosphere of Georgetown,…

July 27, 2016
Destinations Malaysia

Three Offbeat Museums to Visit in Penang

After nearly a month in Georgetown, I’m down to my last afternoon here in Penang. I’m writing this from the hostel’s front patio, where I’ve spent countless hours both working and hanging out with fellow travelers. Over the past few weeks, I’ve crossed paths…

February 10, 2016