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A Photo Story: Sunset Strolling at Western Australia’s Famous Cable Beach

July 22, 2015

Cable Beach is among Australia’s most iconic beaches. Here in Broome, backpackers love to refer to it as one of the world’s top-ranked beaches. They’re not wrong: last year, TripAdvisor included it on its annual list of the world’s best beaches. With all of the hype around Cable Beach, you can imagine how high my expectations were when I arrived in Broome a couple of weeks ago.


I was not disappointed.

When I first glimpsed the beach during my morning run, I actually gasped. The water is jaw-droppingly azure, the sand silky and the sky seemingly endless. The beach is framed by red cliffs leading to Broome’s also-famous Gantheaume Point (it’s a longer walk than it looks!) and brush-dappled dunes that glow red and gold when the sun sets every night. My last year traveling around Southeast Asia set the bar pretty high as far as beautiful beaches go, but I have to give it to Cable Beach — this place is staggeringly gorgeous.



I stayed at Cable Beach Backpackers during my first week in Broome and spent at least part of everyday at the beach. I’ve since moved to town closer to my job, but between the awesome vibe of the hostel and its winning location just a short walk from the beach, I’m still considering a move back. Just look at it — how could you stay away?!

On one particular afternoon last week, I noticed that the beach seemed especially uncrowded. As it turns out, it’s a good thing I hadn’t been after a swim that day — the beach had closed for a shark spotting. Another girl in my dorm reported seeing a shark during a morning walk, too. Even more terrifying? Last year, I read that the beach was closed for a day or two for a saltwater crocodile. That’s Australia for you!

These pictures are from a long afternoon I spent hanging out in the sand and reading on the beach. When I got restless, I took a long late afternoon walk to catch some sunset shots. Cable Beach is especially known for its sunsets — it’s one of Western Australia’s biggest perks over the country’s more popular east coast.

The light was just glorious. I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves from here.



Have you ever been to Cable Beach? What’s your favorite beach for catching the sunset?

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  • Reply Anne October 5, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    The sunsets at cable beach are amazing! Your photos make me want to go back there now!

    • Reply Katie October 11, 2015 at 4:00 am

      They are incredible! Cable Beach never gets old.

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